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Due to some really great customer feedback and suggestions... I just updated the "Senior Graduate Text Overlay Templates" set available in my Etsy Shop with the following:
  • Some new previews, 
  • Better organized .PSD layers, 
  • Updated instructions, 
  • A clickable font link file,
  • Individual previews added for each .PSD file, so you can find the file you want to use much easier, 
  • Font source url's added within the applicable layers,
  • and two .PSD file options for either PS Elements (ungrouped layers) or Photoshop CS/CC.   
I also updated two of the fonts. The reason for this is that one of the free fonts required a Tweet. I originally thought I went against using that font since I'm sure not all my customers have Twitter, and neither do I for that matter. Anyways, because this could pose a problem for many, I went ahead and substituted it for a similar font. The second font I decided to replace because it looks to no longer be available for free. I replaced it with an almost identical font option (and one of my all time favorites I might add). Some of my newer templates already have these updates implemented, but it will take some time to get all my older templates caught up with these changes, and improvements.

Below is a preview of all 6 .PSD templates included in this popular set (minus the images).  If you already purchased this set prior to the updates today, no worries as I will be messaging you by next week about how to get the updated version of this set.  Thanks so much, and have a great weekend folks!

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