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With each new year, I like to re-assess EVERYTHING... and I like to tackle a list that goes something like this...

  • deciding what's working and what's not working, 
  • prioritizing projects, 
  • finding my focus, 
  • declutter,
  • eliminate time stealing activities, 
  • overall manage my time better (ideally with a regular work schedule), 
  • make time to unplug, 
  • simplify, 
  • reassess my business plans & goals, 
  • generally improve and grow personally and professionally, and
  • ultimately shoot for progress, not always perfection.

But one pet peeve of mine is needing an organized space to work in, including my digital space and physical work-space environment.  For whatever reason, I've always assimilated organization with my state of mind.  If my environment is cluttered then I feel overwhelmed.  If my environment is organized, I tend to feel more relaxed and focused.

So before I can tackle my list... organizing my physical work-space & digital space is priority No.1.

First up... My Desk Space:

And maybe, just maybe, with all this extra clean desk space, my assistant will stop walking on my keyboard:

OK, enough for today, tomorrow... digital files.  Have yourself a great evening!  ;)
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