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So you may have noticed my blog design layout underwent a sudden makeover this week.  It was just about time for something fresh to go along with my website.  While browsing on Pinterest earlier this week, I happened upon a free Blogger template offer by designer extraordinaire... Yuni at Yuniquely Sweet. Couldn't believe that this clean, fresh, perfect little modern blog design was offered for free. I thought it would compliment my website design perfectly, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

After receiving the template from Yuni (very quickly, I might add), and uploading it, I found that it was super easy to customize.  It's a non-destructive template... and what I mean by that is that for a non-coding expert like myself, I can easily customize the colors, fonts, width, etc. easily on the backend "Customize", and "Layout" areas.  No need to hack into your HTML code to make changes, unless your'e like me and can't help yourself. I did do a few extra's, like adding my custom "back to the top" button on the bottom right (scroll down if you don't see it yet), and I removed the "showing posts with labels" headings.  

Anyways, if you're interested in making "Chic Girl - Premade Blogger Template" your own (and yes it's only available for Blogger), then head on over to her blog to get the details.  She also has a slew of unique freebies available on he site, has a fantastic portfolio, and great content on her blog.

** the free template offer is only available until the 17th of August.

Thanks so very much Yuni, you really are a gem!   ;)


Please visit Yuni at Yuniquely Sweet

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  1. Hey Olli! Seriously, this is very sweet. Thank you so much for writing this special post. I really appreciate it. :) Btw, I just saw out your design website, and sure has the same vibe as the blog template. I'm happy that it goes along well with your website. And I really love how you customized this template to your liking. Very well done!


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