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Lately I've been sparsely online, but I have slivering good reason...

Firstly, I'd like to start this post by saying I love snakes (and reptiles in general), am pretty familiar with them and use to have an awesome ball python as a pet named Clyde (thanks to my cousin Peter).  I do think snakes are better off in the wild, and generally they don't care to interact with people, but this last week my daughter was bitten by a venomous snake in our own back yard playing barefoot soccer with family, and lets just say... my week (and hers) was anything but ordinary.  I also got a heck of a quick education in anti-venom, hemotoxin / neurotoxin, and an overview of the 6 venomous snakes of Georgia.  So 2 ambulance rides, an ER, 3 days in ICU, and 10 anti-venom vials later... we know that she's going to fully recover, and heal.  :)

In the last 5 years I have found 5 copperhead snakes in my backyard, and removed them (for some reason, snakes seem to gravitate to our yard).  Here's one of the adult copperhead's I have found:

Also found out that there are a lot of kids in Georgia getting bit by venomous snakes according to the Pediatric Doctors at the hospital, something I've never heard reported on the news.   Think I notice them more after a lot of rain during the summer months.  The very day we returned home from the hospital, my hubby and I went snake hunting in our backyard, and yep, found another snake, but this one was a baby, and I'm almost certain it was a king snake (non-venomous), so of course I let him go.

The lesson in all this???  don't play soccer barefoot and if you get bitten by a snake just call 911 and let them figure everything else out.  Also no need to know how to spell venemous venomous if you have spell checker, yea! 

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