CREATIVE MARKET // Sketch Week Challenge - DAY 2

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Okay, it's Day 2 of the Creative Market Sketch Week Challenge.  I used pencil, pen, and Copic sketch markers for this one, then scanned and made "Selective Color" adjustments in Photoshop before uploading.

You can check out all the entries as Creative Market pins them on their board, here or check Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the hashtag #SketchWeekChallenge. I find sketching, drawing and doodling just a few minutes a day is good therapy, really does get the creative juices flowing, and it's just plain fun!!!  ;)
4 comments on "CREATIVE MARKET // Sketch Week Challenge - DAY 2"
  1. Beautiful illustration! What a charming vintage style.

  2. What a pretty dress! Love love love. You are so talented, Olli!

    1. Thanks Yuni... thos is a pretty fun challenge, and a great exercise. Think I will continue with it even after the challenge is over. ;)


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