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Happy Thursday... hang in there the weekend's almost here!  I wanted to cover the importance of having correct colors calibrated on your monitor, especially important for digital artists, designers, and photographers, and it's just a basic must have for any computer user.  What you see on your monitor, and what I see from mine can vary drastically primarily due to the accuracy of the calibration of colors on individual monitors.  The problem is that it's not only vital for us computer geeks, and artists to see accurate colors, but what about our customers, visitors, clients, potential clients, etc? See the colors you intend them to see is vital to any designer and digital artist, otherwise this can create problems, and deter business essentially.

The solution?  There's plenty of color calibrating software available for sale on the world wide web, but I found one that is actually free, and pretty darn accurate  I was so excited, because now I can offer or suggest this free software to my clients and potential clients, and I can feel pretty confident that we really are seeing the same colors projected from our monitors (or close to it).  

Since I'm a designer and sell pre-made digital goods and do custom design projects, I thought that my customers could appreciate this great resource; otherwise, do your customers really know what they are getting?  The software is call the Calibrize 2.0.   It's a quick download, and 3 super easy steps to calibrate your colors. Enjoy this resource, and I'd love to hear your solution for calibrating your monitor.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sweet! Thank you for sharing, Olli. Download it right away!

    1. Ahh, quite welcome Yuni... thanks so much for commenting! ;)


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