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I happened upon a great little resource last week, built by Denis Leblanc, a web designer & developer. Two useful resources in fact. When it comes to customizing my web site and blog I admit I am no expert, but I tend to get hands on and do it myself anyways, to a point that is. The more I play with html and css coding, the more it starts to make sense; however, it's best for me to stick to the pretty basic stuff for now.

So one of these resources is a convenient list of css font family properties/coding at cssfontstack.com.  Before attempting any changes to your site or blog, it's highly recommended that you backup your site's coding (just in case).  Then simply go to the cssfontstack.com site, click on the "copy to clipboard" under the font you'd like to use, then go back to your site's coding, and replace the font family by pasting in your code. For example:
  • ORIGINAL CODE - {font-family:"Times New Roman",Georgia,Serif;}
  • NEW CODE CODE USING BIG CASLON - {font-family: "Big Caslon", "Book Antiqua", "Palatino Linotype", Georgia, serif;}
It's as easy as that!

** Note: I'm not sure if all these font families are considered web safe fonts for all browsers. Feel free to comment if you can shed some insight.

The second resource is hexcolortool.com, also by Denis Leblanc.  This tool is useful for when you have a hex color code, but need to either find out what color it is or find some shades that are similar or monochromatic.

I find both these tools to be very useful for minor fixes, but if you need a web designer or pre-made template there are some excellent resources on the web right now. Here are just a few of my very favorite (listed in no particular order):

.  and hope you do too!  :)
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