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Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the 'Bethenny' show this week?  Specifically, where they featured Kimo Bentley - All Natural Beautywho creates a unique line of her own skin care product line, and more?   Evident by Kimo's story, she had put her whole heart, soul, and time into this endeavor.  As a guest on 'Bethenny's' business segment of the show, Kimo got a huge brand identity makeover surprise from Anna Urban at QNY Creative, based in New York.  Wow... the before, and after branding is absolutely incredible...  the difference is night and day, the new color palette is warm, earthy and friendly, the design and quality is just perfect (for lack of a better word).  Her website is also getting a new look to match, can't wait to check it out.

See the heartwarming video for yourself, and think about how important great cohesive design, brand, identity, and packaging actually is?  I think it has leveled the playing field for Kimo's Company, against any and all skin care lines.  It's a competitive market out there, so really giving your company a face and image in any industry, is vital to success, and growth of any business.  Enjoy!

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